Trust your gut.
Follow your instincts.


“Teaching You to Leverage Your Truth”

Best known in media circles as the “Fixer”, Judy Smith is a world-renowned Crisis Management Expert and entrepreneur who serves as Founder and CEO of Smith & Company, a premier, full-service crisis management and communications firm. For the past three decades, she has served as an advisor for a host of corporate, celebrity, non-profit and government clients providing strategic counsel to help individuals and organizations navigate challenging issues. Prior to founding her firm, Ms. Smith served as Deputy Press Secretary and Special Assistant to President George H. W. Bush Her ground-breaking work inspired the hit TV show , and her book Good Self…Bad Self: How to Bounce Back from a Personal Crisis incorporated years of experience to help readers develop the tools to face mistakes and overcome them.


They found out. It’s not working.
They won’t listen. It’s all over.
Now what?

America’s number one crisis management expert, Judy Smith is on speed dial for some of the highest-profile celebrities, politicians, and corporations in the world. In Good Self, Bad Self, Smith shares her methods, gleaned from years of professional experience, for smoothing over a bad situation while providing the tools to prevent similar incidents from ever happening again…


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